Meet the Team

andysquareAndy Harrington

Andy Harrington is the CEO at the Wellspring Foundation, a Christian development organization whose mission is to be catalyst for transforming education for hundreds of thousands of African children and to foster vibrant communities that address poverty in all its forms. He is also one of the founders of the JustUs project and is passionate about exploring the response to poverty and justice issues from a biblical perspective. He has over 27 years of experience working in both development and mission with youth and young adults around the world, including 23 years in leadership with Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited.

laurasquareLaura Solberg

Laura is the director of The Elevation Project, Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited’s partnership with Youth for Christ Rwanda, and one of the founding members of the JustUs team. Whether it is through local youth work, international development, or anything else, she is passionate about seeing people discover and live into the fullness of who they were created to be.

christasquareChrista Buss

Christa has been working with The Elevation Project since 2013 and with JustUs since its inception. She is also a Registered Sign Language Interpreter and a Child Of Deaf Adults. She learned a lot about being the “other” growing up in a cross-cultural family, and she has enjoyed applying these lessons in her work with the Deaf community and in the wider social justice and international development world.

louisesquareLouise Reilly

Louise is Wellspring’s Director of Public Engagement, and is focused on seeing people connected to and impacted by Wellspring’s work of transformation through quality education. At a wider level, Louise is passionate about seeing people meaningfully engaged in issues of justice and development, both locally and globally, and in seeing justice infiltrate every part of our lives – from our day to day purchasing decisions, to our interactions with the world around us. Having been part of the core JustUs team in its early stages, Louise enjoys the opportunity to stay involved as a regular contributor to our blog.

karasquareKara Cheng

Kara is the program coordinator for JustUs. In 2012, she ended up in Cambodia where she taught English. After seeing how hungry the youth were for knowledge, she recognized the power that comes with education and how it is the tool to lift people out of poverty. Today, education and combating poverty are two of her greatest passions which is why she is thrilled to be a part of the JustUs team.

kristiesquareKristie Voth

As Wellspring’s Public Engagement Coordinator, everything Kristie does is about connecting people to Wellspring’s work of providing transformational education. Her role involves planning some of the key fundraiser events, particularly Rachel’s Ride for Rwanda and the Lake2Lake Ride for Rwanda. She loves that she get to purposefully engage people in living just lives in both practical and meaningful ways. Whether riding a bike, cheering from the sidelines, donating online, or volunteering to make it happen – she recognizes that every contribution counts and that when we work together, we can make incredible changes for the good in our world!