About JustUs

Who we are

The JustUs Partnership is a collaboration between two organizations that are passionate about seeing lives changed through education – both in Rwanda, and here in Canada.

We believe that equipping young people with a global perspective and a fuller understanding of issues such as poverty and social justice is key in developing the next generation of informed and engaged global citizens. The Wellspring Foundation and The Elevation Project (a program of Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited) work together to develop materials and curriculum that can assist in this process in a variety of settings.

Learn more at:

www.thewellspringfoundation.org — or — www.youthunlimited.com/elevationproject

What we do

A curriculum that explores Poverty & Justice

Young people today are passionate about change. Their hearts break for the injustice they see in the world around them and they yearn to be a part of the solution. The problem is that they have few resources to help them. These youth do have the potential to change our world, but they need the knowledge, tools and revolutionary Biblical perspective to equip them to take the next steps.

In order to enable them to engage with a world that is crying out for transformation, we have created JustUs, a guide to discovering God’s heart for the poor. He has endless compassion and fierce love for those who suffer injustice. So should we. Our desire is to enable young people to join Him in working towards restoration, healing and wholeness.

This generation wants to change our world for the better.

We want to help them.

Let’s journey together.

How can we engage with your group?

Youth Leaders

  • Host a training weekend for leaders working with youth. The first step to helping youth engage with justice is equipping their leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to support and encourage them.

Youth Group

  • Have us come talk to your youth group about a Biblical perspective of justice, and how young people can be involved in God’s work of healing and restoration.
  • Use our 5-week curriculum to take your youth group on an in-depth journey of understanding God’s heart for the poor, and bringing His kingdom to earth.


  • Read our Educator’s Guide to find out how your classroom can get involved.
  • Have us come speak to your class about God’s heart for the poor and ways your students can be involved in justice.